STEP 1 – Try It!

The best way to experience CrossFit is to try it. Come to any of our Community Workouts to see what it’s all about. You may also stop by anytime to watch a class in session.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3-GO!


New members are required to enroll in an Elements Class to better understand CrossFit Training and Methodology.   These classes must be completed before joining regularly scheduled group classes to ensure participant and group safety.

The class consists of two 1 hour private/semi-private classes.  The purpose of the series is to facilitate familiarization of the CrossFit exercises and movements, teach gym etiquette, rules and expectations and to provide an on-ramp to the more intense group setting.  Call or e-mail or (307) 223-4372 to set up an appointment.

The cost for Elements is $50 and includes two private/semi-private classes.

STEP 3 – Join the Group Classes

After your Elements classes you’re ready to go.  If you are new to CrossFit we will take it slowly and hold back a little on the intensity until you are used to the workouts.  We will adapt the program and weights to account for any injuries, your current level of fitness and your individual goals.

Our rate is $100 per month UNLIMITED with NO CONTRACT.

$100 a month = $25 per week.  That’s less than $10 per class! Compare that to the $20-$200+ per month for a membership at “globo” gym to work out alone, making minimal progress toward your fitness goals, struggling to find what works and looking for a way to stay motivated.  You want a personal trainer?  You will pay $40-$100 per hour.  Meeting 3x per week that will cost you more in one week than our entire membership which includes a fun, inclusive community of like minded people, super effective programming and education on how to actually utilize functional movement.   Now that’s value!