WOD – Workout of the Day: Every day we will program a workout. That will be the workout that everyone completes that day. Each day will be different.

Standard of Movement – Performance of the movement/exercise in a pre-determined manner.

RX – “As” Prescribed – Completing the WOD without modifications to the weight or standard of movement.

AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible: As many rounds of a given set of exercises and reps in a certain amount of time

AMREP – As Many Reps As Possible: As many Reps of a given exercise in a certain amount of time or until failure

5X, 3X, etc. – Rounds expressed as 5 times xyz or 3 times xyz

Factorial – A count-down or count-up of reps, i.e. 1->10 or 10->1

Male “Named” WODS – Benchmark workouts named after male military, fire, and police killed in the line of duty

Female “Named” WODS – Benchmark workouts named after founding female Crossfitter’s and Hurricanes

C2 – Concept 2 Rowing Machine

GHD – Glute/Hamstring Developer Machine

Ab-Mat- A curved mat used for sit ups that fits under your lower back making the sit up more difficult than a basic floor sit up but not as difficult as the GHD.

P-In and D-Out – Using the parlettes perform a push up  in-between and bring your  legs through (out) for a Dip

KB – Kettlebell

DB – Dumbell


MB – Medicine Ball

SB – Slam Ball

T2B – Toes to Bar

K2E – Knees to Elbows

K2C – Knees to Chest

HSPU – Handstand Push Up

SDLHP – Sumo Deadlift High Pull