CrossFit Group Classes

The CrossFit Group Classes are the core of what we do at CrossFit Laramie. In a small group setting, we provide your daily programming (warm-up, skill-work, workout, and mobility) with fully coached instruction. You will learn the basics of functional movement, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, basic gymnastics and bodyweight movements, and much more. Coaching will always be provided directly from a CrossFittrainer. You can expect constant supervision and guidance to ensure you are performing all movements in a safe and efficient manner. We maintain a student to coach ratio no larger than 10:1.

Our Group Coaching program is designed to meet the needs of our varied community, which include University professionals, faculty, students, full-time moms, doctors, lawyers, police officers, fire fighters, business executives, accomplished athletes, and retired grandparents. Regardless of what you do for a living or your current fitness level, you will benefit from the coaching at CrossFit Laramie. Here are just a few of the benefits of our Group Coaching program…

Supportive Community

Group coaching is the perfect solution for the person looking for a supportive community that share the same desire to be healthier and happier. Work hard, work together. The group environment is friendly, sometimes competitive, and will always push you to perform at your best.

Fraction of the Cost of Personal Training

Group Coaching allows you to work with a professional coach for a fraction of the investment of 1-on-1 training. In our one-hour group training sessions, you will be led by our expert coaches through multiple phases of fitness and recovery:

  • Mobility drills to improve and restore joint mobility and function;
  • Skill-based warm-up to prepare the body for the workout;
  • The Workout of the Day – which might be any combination of gymnastics, running, jumping, squatting, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, and more;
  • Post-workout recovery techniques to prepare you for the rest of your day and for your next workout.

Goal-Based Programming

Simply put, our programs are designed to improve your health and performance in a way that is most meaningful for your personal needs and desires. As everyone walking in our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels, our Group Coaching program is designed with the flexibility to meet those needs. While not as specific as an individualized program designed just for you, our Group Coaching program still allows you a wide variety of training sessions and options to choose from.

Personal training

While our Group Coaching program is designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community, Personal Training is individually designed for your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase strength, improve technique, prepare for an event, or just prefer a more personal setting, an individually designed and supervised program might be for you.

Personal Training is an amazingly effective and efficient way to achieve your individual fitness goals. Your Coach will work with you to identify and clarify your fitness goals, assess your movement, and design a program specifically targeted at improving your deficiencies and optimizing your strengths, thereby enabling you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Your private coaching experience will be tailored to your specific needs, and will include:

  • Mobility exercises to improve and restore joint range of motion
  • Skill-based warm-up to prepare for specific movement patterning
  • Strength and conditioning exercises chosen to specifically achieve your goal
  • Post-workout recovery techniques
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Health, wellness, and lifestyle support

Private Coaching is recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific sport or event, have significant health limitations, or just prefer the additional attention and accountability. One-on-one coaching is a phenomenal way to receive the undivided attention of one of our expert Coaches. Cost is $45/Hour. Call for details or to set up an appointment.


KidFit is a strength and conditioning program designed specifically for kids ages 9 and up. Utilizing skills from gymnastics, body­weight calisthenics, and weight lifting we will develop ability across the 10 general physical skills (aerobic endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy) with additional focus on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development. Kids can expect to crawl, climb, jump, run, balance, pull, push, lift, throw, carry, learn, laugh, and more.

Kids have an amazing opportunity to maximize their physical skills when exposed to a variety of movement during their years of peak development, preparing them for any and all sports/activities. Skills are combined to keep children engaged and entertained, while teaching them proper movement mechanics and creating a broad athletic foundation.

KidFit workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements scalable for any participant at any level. The functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids do when they play and/or participate in organized athletics. All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of a trained coach at all times. Participants can expect to become well­-rounded athletes who will be better at any and every sport because we teach and focus on their core developmental skills.

Our KidFit classes pair fitness and fun, creating a lifelong love of health and fitness for our kids. This program can equally benefit a child who is less active or an accomplished athlete by tailoring workouts so that each participant is challenged just enough to deliver measurable results and personal athletic progress.

At CrossFit Laramie we strive to provide your kids with the best fitness program for their overall health and development, helping them excel in all areas of life, fitness and sport.

How can CrossFit Laramie Help a Teen’s Future?

The Sport of Fitness as a professional sport promises endless opportunities. Not only does CrossFit develop a disciplined, mentally strong, positive attitude, it also opens up countless doors for boys and girls to compete on a fair platform. The CrossFit Games is one of the few professional sports to recognize men and women equally. Olympic Weightlifting is another avenue for teens to excel and build confidence and self-esteem. Regardless of what your teen is looking forward to for his/her future, CrossFit Laramie can ensure that they’ll always be surrounded by positive people, avoiding peer-pressure, and pursuing lifelong excellence within a family oriented community.

Legends: Senior Adult Classes

Legends classes are specifically designed for adults 60+. These professionally coached classes are for the person seeking to improve their flexibility, strength, balance and coordination utilizing functional fitness and CrossFit methodology. Offered at two separate levels and times, these classes aim to maintain independent living, vitality and robustness.

Level 1 is the perfect class for the person seeking to gain and/or improve body and spatial awareness. This class focuses on coordination, stability, mobility and balance. For the person embarking on a less sedentary lifestyle, seeking to add movement and/or start an exercise program at a slower pace and tempo, this is the class for you.

Level 2 is a class for the active person seeking to improve strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. This class is for the person who has been and continues to be active through walking, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, etc. but is looking for more variety in their aerobic and strength training regime with goals for improved performance. This class will closely follow our general CrossFit programming with special emphasis on the needs of the active older adult athlete.

These classes are offered in 4-6 week sessions throughout the year.

Fortified nutrition coaching and consulting

Fortified Nutrition Coaching is a nutrition program designed to give you straight answers on what food is and how it can directly impact your health. Through individual counseling, customized protocols and step by step guidance, Fortified Nutrition Coaching is the solution for anyone seeking guidance to improve their health. Learn to unlock your body’s innate intelligence and become a stronger, better, healthier you. For more information, please visit our Nutrition page.

Wyoming Weightlifting Club 

The Wyoming Weightlifting Club is a club open to all CrossFit Laramie members and non-members. This group focuses primarily on improving the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related lifts as well as with the Powerlifting movements of the deadlift, bench press and back squat. . Participants train for meets as well as to supplement their regular CrossFit training. We focus on improving overall comfort with the lifts along with developing improved explosiveness, strength, and coordination.

The Wyoming Weightlifting Club meets at 6:30pm Monday through Thursday. Programming is focused on the needs of the group, along with necessary modifications for individual athletes, and varies weekly.  Free for CrossFit Laramie members. $10/class for non-members.


“All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.” Mobility focuses on ways to improve your movement and body mechanics by increasing flexibility. You can expect to learn skills to help resolve pain, prevent injury, and optimize your athletic performance. The goal is to help prevent injury, speed up recovery and improve overall performance in your workouts and with regular daily activity. Special emphasis is paid to the thoracic spine, shoulder girdle, hip joint and ankles. Through a better understanding of simple mechanics and the tools to improve, this class provides the keystone to your overall health and well-being. Offered on a rotating basis.

CFL Endurance

CFL Endurance is focused on the skill of running. You will learn proper warm-ups, dynamic drills, and biomechanics to avoid injury. CFL Endurance will help you become a better athlete through development of your aerobic energy system, speed, endurance, and efficiency. Our goal is to develop your resistance to fatigue for any activity. Offered through the summer months Wednesday evening at 6pm at the old Laramie High School Track.

Open Gym

Open Gym is not offered on a regular basis. It is offered when we have enough people asking for it.  The time is available for you to make up any missed workouts, practice and refine skills or to supplement your weekly program with additional auxiliary work. Non-Members may also drop in for $10.  The usual day we add it is on Sunday early afternoon/late morning.

FREE Community Workout

Offered the first Saturday of every month at 8 a.m., this FREE class is for our members, friends, family, and Laramie community to experience CrossFit Laramie and try a CrossFit workout. These workouts begin with a group warm-up, WOD (workout of the day) description, WOD and cool down. Often small prizes and awards are given, especially when the workout is near a holiday. They are fun team or small group events focusing on basic functional movements (no barbell work). Every age and ability is welcome and encouraged.

FREE Introductory Class

At CrossFit Laramie we encourage you to stop in and experience a workout, meet our coaches, members and see if CrossFit is right for you. Offered EVERY Friday, this class is designed for any level. Please call in advance and arrive 5 minutes early so we can acquaint you with the facility and have you fill out a participant waiver. Offer valid for one visit.

cardiofit Bootcamp

If you’re looking to improve your strength, endurance or shape without barbell work…THIS class is for you. We utilize high-intensity, full-body, functional workouts to target all major muscle groups in a challenging AND fun way.  Be prepared to sweat while working out using high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuits, intervals and more to jump start your fitness. With professional coaching and leadership you’ll receive safe and effective workouts targeted toward changing your life. Have fun, get fit, lose weight!