CrossFit Laramie Features

1. Square Footage: We have 4000 square feet that accomodates both big and small classes.

2. High Ceilings: Our 12 foot ceilings are high enough for rope climbs and muscle ups while low enough to keep us warm in the winter months.

3. Drop Weights: You can feel comfortable dropping barbells on the floor with our rubberized weights and flooring.

4. Doors: We have three access points to the box allowing for the all-important air circulation keeping the the gym cool and smelling clean. The doors also make running WODs, where athletes enter and exit the building multiple times, safer and more manageable.

5. Natural Light: Nobody wants to train in a facility that feels like a dungeon. We have great overhead lighting but we also have windows to keep things bright.

6. Parking: We have a HUGE parking lot so finding a parking space will never, ever be a problem.

7. Run on the Street: We’re located in a great part of town with relatively little traffic and with a designated bike lane. We have marked courses for 200m, 400m, 800m, mile and 5K routes…all beginning and ending from our front door.

8. Stretching/Warm-Up/Warm-Down Area: We’ve learned that rest and recovery is as important as CrossFit training. Right inside our doors we have a designated area for foam rolling, stretching and mobility work.

9. Spacious Restrooms: Nice washrooms with space to change is important!

10. Outside the Box Training: CrossFit is what we do. We encourage everyone to exercise their functional fitness in as many ways as possible. Beside our core CrossFit classes we also offer space for bootcamp, yoga, indoor cycling, Zumba, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting classes. We encourage our members to sign up for running, cycling, skiing, skating, adventure, etc. events as much as possible to get out and be active!