1. Square Footage: We have 4000 square feet that accomodates both big and small classes.

2. High Ceilings: Our 12 foot ceilings are high enough for rope climbs and muscle ups while low enough to keep us warm in the winter months.

3. Drop Weights: You can feel comfortable dropping barbells on the floor with our rubberized weights and flooring.

4. Doors: We have three access points to the box allowing for the all-important air circulation keeping the the gym cool and smelling clean. The doors also make running WODs, where athletes enter and exit the building multiple times, safer and more manageable.

5. Natural Light: Nobody wants to train in a facility that feels like a dungeon. We have great overhead lighting but we also have windows to keep things bright.

6. Parking: We have a HUGE parking lot so finding a parking space will never, ever be a problem.

7. Run on the Street: We’re located in a great part of town with relatively little traffic and with a designated bike lane. We have marked courses for 200m, 400m, 800m, mile and 5K routes…all beginning and ending from our front door.

8. Stretching/Warm-Up/Warm-Down Area: We’ve learned that rest and recovery is as important as CrossFit training. Right inside our doors we have a designated area for foam rolling, stretching and mobility work.

9. Spacious Restrooms: Nice washrooms with space to change is important!

10. Outside the Box Training: CrossFit is what we do. We encourage everyone to exercise their functional fitness in as many ways as possible. Beside our core CrossFit classes we also offer space for bootcamp, yoga, indoor cycling, Zumba, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting classes. We encourage our members to sign up for running, cycling, skiing, skating, adventure, etc. events as much as possible to get out and be active!

Gym Rules

To keep the gym safe and ensure a quality experience for everyone, we have a few basic rules:

1.     No kids on the gym floor during adult workouts

Although kids can be awesome, the bottom line is we don’t want to put them or you at risk.  You and your other community member’s don’t want to hear “Mom/Dad watch this or Mom/Dad I’m hungry” etc. This will disrupt you and this will disrupt your class.  Some people exercise to get away from their kids. If they go to a place and are surrounded by other people’s kids it’s the same issue.  And for those that don’t have kids, well you know. Also, let’s face it, the gym IS fun and it IS enticing to try stuff out. We don’t want to run the risk of having kids play and possibly get hurt on the equipment. We realize leaving the kids at home, with a babysitter or with another parent can be challenging.  There are all kinds of questions and special circumstances that can be brought up around this issue but there really is no such thing as partial compliance or compliance with caveats. It is either zero tolerance or kids end up running amuck sooner or later and this is just not fair to our community as a whole.

2.      Be On Time


We will spend the first 10-15 minutes of class warming up.  We will also give a brief WOD description and go over skills at this time.  It is important that you complete this warm up to be ready for the WOD.  No worries if something unforeseen comes up and you’re a little late.  But consistently showing up late and disrupting the class is to be blunt, not cool.

3.      Let Us Talk

To make it easier on everyone, please let the instructor describe the workout/skill/movement/WOD in full before asking questions.  If you have a question, you will not be the only one so asking questions is HIGHLY encouraged. Let us get through the description and possibly your question will be answered.  If not, please speak up!

4.      Listen

This one goes both ways. We will do our utmost to hear and understand you. We hope that you will feel comfortable letting us know how you feel, what you want, what you need, etc. We ask you do the same for us.  If we tell you to stop, decrease a weight, etc. during a WOD…we mean it.  We want you to get the most out of your time and effort in the safest manner possible, however completing a WOD in an unsafe manner, with a weight that is too heavy or with poor/deteriorating technique is NOT something we either encourage or deem acceptable.

5.     Unless You Are a Coach, Please Refrain From Coaching Others

Everyone comes to us with different skill sets and abilities.  We hope that you will cheer and encourage each and every one in your class and in the box.  Some days you will be the hammer and some days you will be the nail.  That’s CrossFit. That being said, encouraging and coaching are two different things.  If you see something that looks unsafe, dangerous or just technically not right, let a coach know and they will handle it.  We understand your coaching is always well intentioned but it can be confusing or come across as annoying. Focus on what YOU are doing during the WOD and cheer after you call time.  Leave the coaching to us.